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The Gaza Culture and Development Group (GCDG) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established in 1990 by a group of Palestinian intellectuals aiming at promoting cultural awareness for all categories of the society. The association works on achieving sustainable development to achieve a better and sustainable future for all. It is officially registered with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior under No. 7288 since 2003. (GCDG) is recruiting a qualified candidate for the following position:

**** Position Title: Project Coordinator ****

The project Coordinator will be responsible for the planning, implementation & management of the project activities and stakeholders related to advocacy including promotion & awareness, contribute in related assessments and capacity building.

Position Type: Full time (100 %).
Location: Gaza culture and Development Group (GCDG), Gaza.
Duration: 12 months subject to be extended based of fund availability and performance evaluation.
Expected starting Date: Based on fund secure, Expected: November 2023.
Reports to: Executive Director.

The “GCDG” places at the forefront of its mission the care and development of children's talents as a primary goal in its pioneering path with strong belief in the importance of building a brighter future for the upcoming generations by enhancing their capabilities and involving them in rich educational and cultural activities.
The ” GCDG” adopts multiple and integrated approaches to achieve this goal, with a focus on improving the educational, social, and cultural environment in which children grow. The association offers a diverse range of purposeful activities and projects that allow children to maximize their potential and skills.
Also, encourages social participation and collective work by organizing cultural and community events that promote values of cooperation and interaction among children.

(GCDG) will be implementing a project titled Enabling Talented Children for a Better Future (Russol Centre Phase II). in partnership with Islamic Relief and funded by IR Canada, The project will contribute to Improved interdependence, connectedness, and productivity of Russol-enrolled children in the Gaza Strip This project recognizes the immense potential and talent present among children and aims to empower them for a brighter future, By nurturing their abilities, skills, and competencies, The Gaza culture and development group will take advantage of its three headquarters in Gaza and north of Gaza governorates to implement the project, the project contributes to the broader vision of Islamic Relief in promoting sustainable development and fostering positive change within communities.

In order to strengthen its technical and operational capacities in implementing this project, (GCDG) is seeking a highly motivated Project Coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the overall supervision of the (GCDG) Manager of the Office the Project Coordinator will perform the following tasks:

 Ensure efficient and quality project implementation according to the workplan, in line with the project document and following the agreed upon guidelines and templates. This includes preparing, updating and monitoring detailed workplans for the project and supervising and coordinating the timely implementation of all project activities.
 Establish close collaboration and working arrangements with a multidisciplinary team of technical experts, short-term consultants, national /international staff/consultants and support personnel and provide day to day follow up as needed.
 Mobilize resources and ensure the buy-in of all stakeholders including local partners and private sector organizations.
 Provide ongoing updates on progress and tracking, reporting and documenting achievements and bottlenecks.
 Take the lead in handling the agreements with the implementing partners including managing the agreements for results, reviewing, and clearing the monitoring reports from implementing partners, and certifying requests for payments in compliance with the requirements of the Agreements.
 Liaise, under the supervision of the (GCDG) Manager of the Office, with INGOs, LNGOs, implementing partners, and other governmental and non-governmental actors to ensure that project interventions are implemented, coordinated, and synergized with donor guidelines and integral to the achievement of the project overall objective.
 Collect, consolidate, and prepare the progress and final reports and other information materials following the donor guidelines, requirements, and templates as well as doner applicable policies and procedures.
 Conduct frequent field visits, follow up and monitoring to the project rightsholders; and provide the needed support, advice and follow up in order to ensure optimal use and sustainability of the support provided by the projects to the rightsholders.
 Contribute to building the project staff’s and partners’ capacity in understanding and utilizing approaches, tools, and best practices relevant to the project.
 Perform other related duties as required.
 Cooperate with GCDG MEAL department to ensure proper implementation of the project-related monitoring and evaluation activities through data collection and documentation.
 Supporting in developing progress and final narrative reports.
 Any other tasks requested by direct supervisor.
The key results have an impact on the delivery of the programme in terms of quality and accuracy of work. Accurate information management, analysis, and presentation and a client-oriented approach enhance TFS’s capability to effectively and efficiently manage project’s activities while ensuring quality implementation of projects in contribution to the attainment of progressing SDG 4 and SDG 8 among other relevant SDGs.

GCDG Core Competencies:
• Results Focus.
• Teamwork.
• Communication.
• Building Effective Relationships.
• Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement.

Technical/Functional Competencies:
Corporate Competencies:
- Demonstrates integrity by modeling the (GCDG) values and ethical standards.
- Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of (GCDG).
- Displays
- cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
- Treats all people fairly without favoritism, and respect for local customs and traditions.
- Community Engagement: engaging with local communities, understanding their needs, and involving them in the decision-making process.

- Financial Management: financial competencies, including budgeting, financial reporting, and transparency, are critical to ensure the effective and responsible use of funds.
- Monitoring and Evaluation: make data-driven decisions, and continuously improve their services.

Functional Competencies:
Knowledge Management and Learning:
- Promotes a knowledge sharing and learning culture in the office.
- Actively works towards continuing personal learning and development in one or more practice, areas, acts on learning plan, and applies newly acquired skills.

Operational Effectiveness:
- The ability to apply conceptual models in support of the formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of project activities based on the theory of change and log frame.
- Strong experience in talent development approaches, And childcare programs in general.

Management and Leadership:
1. Communication: Clearly explaining expectations, goals, and tasks to team members. Establishing open communication to promote cohesiveness and transparency.
2. Negotiation: Understanding the interests of all parties and working towards a solution that satisfies each one.
3. Conflict Resolution: Avoiding disputes and resolving them quickly. Maintaining composure and making thoughtful decisions when handling disagreements.
4. Adaptability: Adjusting behavior in response to situational changes. Being resilient and viewing setbacks as opportunities to grow.

Communication Competencies:
1. Listening: Actively paying attention to others, understanding their perspectives, and responding appropriately.
2. Verbal Communication: Clearly expressing ideas, thoughts, and information through spoken words.
3. Written Communication: Expressing ideas, thoughts, and information through written words.
4. Presentation Skills: Delivering information or ideas to an audience in a clear, engaging, and persuasive manner.
5. Interpersonal Skills: Building and maintaining positive relationships with others.
6. Conflict Resolution: Resolving disagreements or conflicts in a constructive and peaceful manner.
7. Negotiation: Reaching mutually beneficial agreements through discussion and compromise.
8. Feedback: Providing constructive feedback to help others improve their performance.

Job Requirements
Required Skills and Experience


- A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a field relevant to the required tasks (i.e., Business Administration, Development, or related field).


- At least 6 years (for the Bachelor’s degree) and 4 years (for the Master’s degree) of proven experience in the implementation and/or development of talent development approach skills and/or developmental programs/projects targeting talented.
- Proven experience in coordinating capacity strengthening interventions targeting market-oriented capacity development of talented children and youth,

Language Requirements:
- Working knowledge in both Arabic and English languages

- Excellent reporting and communication skills in both Arabic and English.
- Professional skills in standard computer applications.

Application Instructions:

• Gaza culture and development group (GCDG) is mainstreaming of the gender concept.
• Female and persons with disability candidates are encouraged to apply for this position.
• Interested candidates should submit their CVs, cover letter, certificates, and supporting documents in English through:

رابط التقديم

• Deadline for applications: 15-10-2023 at 12:00 PM.
• Any Arabic applications or applications that doesn’t fulfill the requested requirements or applications after 15-10-2023 will be ignored.
• Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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